Ken Graydon’s roots are firmly planted in the west.  His father was a working cowboy in the Seligman, Arizona area in the 20s.  His young antics are the grist for some of Ken’s poems.  Ken’s mother designed the family home, an adobe ranch house, in the San Joaquin Valley north of Bakersfield, California.  It was built of adobe blocks made nearby.  She filled it with Indian and Mexican pots and artifacts.  This was Ken’s home where money was scarce and work was hard.  The family raised cotton, olives and horses.  Ken worked with his parents making it happen which left him with great respect for work and the people who do it.  He turned his focus toward cowboys and men of the sea and railroad. 

Ken Graydon died July 30, 2011 of metastasized melanoma, possibly the result of being a red-head working outdoors all his life.  This site will be kept alive for however long to make his music available to those who want it.  His first three albums, Windmill, Elissa, Spread Your Wings and Coyote Special were issued on tape.  They are now available on CD. His last album, ...The Way I Heard It... is still available.  All CDs are sold for $10.00 + $5.00 s/h.  His book, ...The Way I Heard it, the Book... is available for $15 + $6.00 s/h. See the “For Sale” page for more details.  Contact:  phee21@mac.com to purchase or say hello.